I'm Marc Jackson.
Expert Program, Change, and Operations leader.

Success, to me, isn’t about rigid perfection or unattainable standards. It’s about communication—a simple yet powerful principle. While I’d love for everyone to follow through precisely as promised, I recognize that life throws curveballs, plans shift, and unexpected hurdles arise.

So, yes, let’s aim high—commit to doing what we say we’ll do, when we say we’ll do it. But let’s also embrace the reality that sometimes things won’t align perfectly. And that’s okay. What matters most is open dialogue. When plans veer off course, let’s communicate early, honestly, and transparently. Let’s recalibrate, adapt, and find solutions together.
My philosophy on success: COMMUNICATE!


I've had the privilege working across a vast array of industries.


SaaS, Startup, and Climate Tech @Persefoni, Director of Operations Program Management

"Swiss Army Knife" to the COO.
Start-up life!


Manufacturing, People Operations and Marketing @GM, Director of Product/Program Management

Turning strategic visions into reality.


Education, PaaS, and Governance @Apollo, PMO, Portfolio Manager/ Portfolio & Product Manager

Lead and manage project management teams across software and infrastructure projects.

Where I shine

My strengths lay at the intersection of operations efficiency and strategic implementation; collaborating across diverse domains (people ops, marketing, IT, business ops), to deliver exceptional results; transforming strategic vision into reality.

More about me


With skills spanning several industries, I am the perfect person to hire when it comes to comprehensive program & project management (Waterfall / Agile / Hybrid).

Whatever your needs are, my experiences have helped me be able to overcome any challenge.


I have Director-level experience in the development of national strategies, designing and leading world class teams and programs benefiting EBITDA and promoting value.
- Strategic Implementations
- Process Improvement
- Portfolio Management
- Marketing Operations


Over my career spanning several sectors, I have developed high performing teams to execute a variety of projects from generating revenue to process improvement.

Unique Strenghts

Adaptability - My deep experience and successes across multiple sectors has enabled me to amass a tool kit of solutions to drive performance.

Situational Awareness – I have a unique ability to connect every individual team member to the organization’s strategic objectives and create stakeholder champions.

Laser Focus - Ability to maintain a clear, concise understanding of priorities, goals, objectives, while driving teams to overcome hurdles to deliver quantifiable results.

What am I about?

I thrive on results, action, enthusiasm, and collaboration.
I am constantly described as:
- Poised
- Tenacious & tactful leader
- Invested in mission results
- Value people
- Take a consultative & prescriptive approach to solve problems

This is what people say about me

Here are a few lines from people who I have worked with in my career.

‘’Marc is a a pleasure to work with, calm, steady, organized, and always willing to jump in and help. He also has a growth mindset and curiosity, which I really appreciate. The worlds of technology and sustainability are growing so fast, we need people who are ready to learn, grow, and meet the demands of the time. I really appreciate those qualities in Marc.’’
Kristina (Schillinger) Wyatt
Chief Sustainability Officer, Persefoni
‘’Marc and I worked together at Persefoni for almost 2-years on a range of overlapping initiatives and projects. He was always extremely professional, reliable, accountable, and foreword looking in his approach to our efforts together. I’d highly recommend him to any team.’’
Mike Wallace
Chief Decarbonization Officer (CDO), Persefoni
‘’I worked with Marc in his role as Chief of Staff-Marketing as Marketing and Revenue are always closely intertwined. He is a versatile executor - involved in everything from Business Operations into strategic projects involving marketing and sales. Marc is a fantastic team player, and I got to work alongside him and observe him leading and facilitating projects, and surfacing business insights and metrics to inform business decisions. He assisted our group with standing up our pricing and product catalog workflow between various departments that streamlined our ability to bring new products to market.’’
Jani McConnell
Commercial and Revenue Operations Leader | ClimateTech and Sustainability, Persefoni


Here is a collection of my best travel pictures that I took while travelling
places all around the world.

Let’s talk business

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